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About Us

Tech Feast JBS

Saad Mustafa


  • Web Developer
  • Industrial Development
  • IoT Development
  • Arduino Expert
  • Raspberry Pi Expert
  • Hardware Expert
  • Inventor
  • Our Journey Starts

    from a small piece of idea on 15/12/2019. We were trying to find out a way to new technology . We were fully tired of the old manual things. We were unable to find an automation solution. So we decided to build our Own company and institute to develop technology. We started working from our garage like place. We faced alot of difficulties. Then we started to face our next level enemies. They tried to defeat us but we stead firm and strong. We decided to develop our Online platform to provide freelancing servies internationally. We first developed a full responsive website of our company. Then we started providing our Services of Web Development, Android App Development. Sooner we got a big success after that we upgraded our services. Now We provide Web, Mobile App, Hardware developments, Graphics Designing services and much more. Now we have completed alot of international products. And we have our own multiple systems running internationally.

    Who We Are?

    Tech Feast JBS is a technoligical company. We have two categories. First one is Just Be Smart and the second one is Making World Smarter. In the first category we provide the facility of Home automations. We create new technology for you. You can buy our products to use our services all over the World. We are working hard to develop newer technologies for you. Tech Feast JBS also provides servies of IoT in all the products. We provide high quality products to our every customer. Our first rule is quality. We do not compropise on quality in any cicumstances. This thing make us different from every indiviuals. Our products include Smart switches, Smart controllers, Intelligent tracker , Auto mobile secuirity systems, Home automation devices, Voice controlled devices and much more.. Within the second category we are trying to make this world smarter by providing the best quality services for every indivual person all over the world. We provide freelancing services in this category. Our aim to develop this company is to create new technologies for the rest of the world.

    Our Services

  • Hardware Development
  • IoT Devices Development
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • PWA Designing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Privacy Policy

    Tech Feast JBS is an indiviual oraganization. The services and the products provided by Tech Feast JBS is completely licensed under company's own license authority. Reselling of products provided by company is strictly prohibitted. In case we will act upon Legal Action against that person/ organisation/ institute. Usage of our personal services for commercial purpose without purchasing a license is also strictly prohibitted.
    Note that we may change our services and privacy policy without any notice. The data provided by the user during registration and the personal data of the user that is stored in our servers is protected using dynamic encryption technology. We respect your privacy and we do not use your personal data to improve our services. In case of any privacy voilence issue immidiately inform or support center.
    The images and content used in this website and all the services is licensed under Copyright act and no body is allowed to use any content included in our website and services without wriiten permission.
    Please also note that you have to agree all of TOS and Policy to place order or to use our products and services.